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Huge selection of prolene sutures at CIA Medical with great prices and fast shipping

Prolene sutures are synthetic sutures composed of polypropylene. With significant tensile strength, flexibility and a large range of sizes, these are the sutures of choice for many surgical uses, from delicate ophthalmic procedures to major artery repair. Less likely to cause irritation or infection than other types of stitches, the Prolene suture can, if indicated, remain in the body to add strength at the site of repair.

What Is a Prolene Suture?

A Prolene suture is a single filament, non-absorbable suture made from the synthetic polypropylene. Its isostatic, polycrystalline structure gives this material its tensile strength. Prolene sutures do not degrade while in place, making them suitable not only for soft tissue repair but also for longer-term strengthening of vulnerable areas such as the interior abdominal wall after a Caesarian section.

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How Are Prolene Sutures Used?

Surgeons have relied on Prolene for more than 40 years. They use this non-absorbable, synthetic suture for ligation and for repairing wounds in the soft tissues. Prolene sutures are also appropriate for cosmetic surgery.

As a monofilament, the Prolene suture glides smoothly through the skin. It is less likely than other types of sutures to cause irritation.

These synthetic sutures have the versatility and tensile quality necessary for cardiovascular, neurological and ophthalmic repair. Vascular surgeons rely on the Prolene suture for such tasks as closing blood vessels after coronary artery bypass procedures.

Prolene Suture Types

The colors of Ethicon Prolene sutures include natural clear, black and blue for enhanced visibility. In addition to the uses mentioned above, oral surgeons employ specific types of Prolene sutures for applied dental procedures too.

Sizes of Prolene Sutures

The size range of Prolene sutures extends from 10-0, which is 0.02 millimeters in diameter, to size 6, which has a diameter of 0.8 mm. They come in lengths from 2 inches to 36 inches.

Suppliers of Prolene Sutures

Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, is a major supplier of synthetic sutures. Ethicon Prolene sutures are available in numerous sizes for medical use. J&J supplies applied dental Prolene sutures. J&J Prolene sutures include fine-gauge black and violet varieties.

CIA Medical

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