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Get IV infusion pumps at CIA Medical

The Right IV Infusion Pump Solutions from CIA Medical

IV infusion pump systems are used throughout the medical industry to deliver fluids to patients with or without accompanying nutrients and medications. An article published in Health Devices and archived by the National Library of Medicine indicates that IV infusion pump systems are most commonly used as an alternative to less-precise gravity infusion devices.

How Does an IV Infusion Pump Work?

An IV infusion pump typically works by using pressure, gravity or pistons to deliver fluids at a reliable rate to patients. Depending on the type of IV infusion pump used, the accuracy of dosing can vary to a considerable degree. Gravity pumps, for example, typically require constant monitoring and adjustment if medication is administered using this method.

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Types of IV Infusion Pumps

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, better known as the FDA, lists several different types of infusion pumps used in the modern medical environment. Some of the most common types of IV infusion pumps include the following:

  • Large-volume infusion pumps – These are capable of delivering large amounts of fluids to patients in a controlled and monitored manner. This can help patients rehydrate and can ensure the proper administration of medications in the hospital and clinic environments.
  • Patient-controlled pain relief pumps – According to WebMD, patient-controlled pain relief pumps usually feature a switch or button that can be used by the patient to request more medication to control pain. These devices typically also include a lockout switch to prevent the patient from overmedicating on pain relief drugs.
  • Elastomeric infusion pumps – Infusion pumps that draw fluid from a reservoir that is configured like a balloon. The pressure on the outside walls of this stretched balloon provides the driving force to pump fluids through the system and into the patient's body.
  • Syringe pumps – Infusion pumps that use movable pistons that control the transfer of fluids from the reservoir of the syringe into the tubing and eventually into the patient's bloodstream.
  • Enteral infusion pumps - Infusion pumps that are used to deliver nutrients and medications in a liquid medium directly to the digestive system of the patient.
  • Insulin pumps - These are usually mobile and can travel with the patient to manage blood sugar levels and to provide insulin as needed to keep patients healthier. The Mayo Clinic notes that most insulin pumps are about the size of a cellphone and connect to the patient through a catheter that is attached to the abdomen.
  • Ambulatory infusion pumps - These differ from stationary pumps because they can travel with the patient and do not require that patients remain in the hospital or clinic bed.

Gravity IV devices are sometimes referred to as pumps despite their lack of a pumping mechanism. These medical devices use the force of gravity to control flow rates, which makes them much less accurate and precise than actual IV infusion pump devices.

IV Infusion Pump Suppliers

At CIA Medical, we work with top manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive the best and most practical products for their needs.

  • Baxter IV infusion pumpBaxter has long been regarded as a leader in the medical equipment field. The Baxter IV infusion pump is one of the most trusted and reliable devices for delivering fluids and medications to patients in the hospital environment.
  • CR Bard IV infusion pumps – Long regarded as essential equipment for infusion therapies, CR Bard IV infusion pumps offer reliable and practical support for fluid infusion in patients in the clinical and hospital environments.
  • Moog IV infusion pumpsMoog Medical offers a variety of types of IV infusion pumps that include state-of-the-art enteral feeding pumps. Choosing Moog IV infusion pumps can provide added help in managing fluid delivery in the clinical setting.
  • Acta IV infusion pump – Along with an extensive lineup of Acta IV infusion pump options, Acta Medical also offers pump sets and IV administration sets that are designed to be compatible with pharmacy and hospital requirements for these types of devices.
  • Metrix-Secure IV infusion pump – The Metrix Company offers several Metrics Secure IV infusion pump options for hospitals, clinics and private practices. These systems are designed to the highest standards of excellence and can allow you to treat patients with greater confidence when an IV infusion pump is needed.

What Is an IV Infusion Pump?

The FDA defines IV infusion pumps as devices that deliver substances into the body in a fluid medium and in a controlled fashion. Because IV infusion pumps are used in many different applications, it is essential to choose the correct configuration for each patient's unique set of needs. At CIA Medical, our IV infusion pump suppliers can deliver the most practical options for your facility or private practice. We can provide IV infusion pumps designed to provide pinpoint dosing accuracy and the best solutions for your facility.

The Right IV Infusion Pumps from CIA Medical

The medical equipment experts at CIA medical can provide you with easy access to about half a million medical products from 5,000 leading manufacturers. We offer fast quotes and rapid responses to questions posed by our customers. White glove service is available on request. To learn more, give us a call today at (312) 275-5850 or visit us online to explore our range of IV infusion pumps and other products. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you now and for many years into the future.