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CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of IV port access kits and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is an IV Port Access Kit?

IV port access kits, as the name implies, are medical tools that aim to provide easy access to IV ports. Used for various port access procedures, these IV port access kits contain all of the necessary components for safe, sterile access of an IV port.

IV ports are devices that are placed under the skin of a patient and are used to provide easy and convenient access to the patient’s veins. This is necessary when fluids or medications need to be delivered rapidly and directly into the bloodstream, and IV port access kits simply make it easy to access these ports and connect them to IV lines and bags, as well as other devices.

There are many situations in which IV port access kits may be used, and IV ports are often favored for patients who require extensive, long-term infusion therapy due to a chronic illness or other condition. The use of ports and IV port access kits is usually more convenient for the patient, as it requires fewer needles and injections.

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How Does an IV Port Access Kit Work?

The way in which IV port access kits is usually quite simple. First, the kit will need to be opened up and the various items will be removed. A nurse or doctor will then need to wear a mask and gloves, before unfolding the main wrap and placing all of the sterile components onto the wrap. Once the items are ready, the port site will need to be cleaned before a needle, which is usually a safety Huber needle, will be inserted into the port septum, penetrating the septum and freeing the way for fluids to flow.

IV Port Access Kit Sizes 

IV port access kits may vary in size in terms of the number of items they contain. Some IV port access kits are relatively small and contain just a few key components, for example, while other IV port access kits may contain a large quantity of items, covering everything needed for a port access procedure, including needles, tubing, sterile wraps, gloves, masks, wipes, and more.

IV Port Access Kit Types

IV port access kits can differ slightly in terms of their contents. Some port access kits will come with different kinds of needles, for example, like Huber needles or other safety port access needles. In general, however, most IV port access kits are very similar.

IV Port Access Kit Uses

The main use of an IV port access kit is to provide access to an implanted IV port to allow for the flow of fluids in and out of the port via connected IV lines.

IV Port Access Kit Suppliers

Some of the top suppliers of IV port access kits include C. R. Bard and Kawasumi Labs America.

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