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Plastic Catheters

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of plastic catheters and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

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What Is a Plastic Catheter?

The term "plastic catheter" is used to describe any kind of catheter which is made primarily from plastic. This may include urinary catheters, suction catheters, bilevel catheters, and other catheter varieties.

Various materials are used to make catheters, including rubber and silicone. Plastic is another commonly used material. Specifically, PVC is the main variety of plastic that is used. It can be favored in some cases due to its rigidity, which may help with insertion, and the fact that it won't pose allergy concerns to patients in the same way that latex may.

There are various sizes and types of plastic catheters and they each have their own function and purpose. Many of them are used as urinary catheters to drain the bladder of urine, but others can be used for transmitting fluids into the body or draining fluids out of the body.

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How Does a Plastic Catheter Work?

The way in which plastic catheters work depends on which sort of plastic catheter you are using. A plastic Foley catheter, for example, has a narrow tip at one end which may be straight or curved (coudé) and which is inserted into the urethra of the patient. The tube is then pushed through to the bladder in order to drain urine out into a collection bag. Other types of plastic catheter may penetrate the skin to deliver medicines to the body or drain fluids from certain areas.

Plastic Catheter Sizes 

Since there are many different kinds of plastic catheters, there are also many different sizes. Some plastic catheters are short and narrow, while others are much longer and wider. The French gauge system is typically used to determine the diameter of each plastic catheter, with sizes ranging from as low as 4 Fr up to 18 Fr and higher.

Plastic Catheter Types

There are various kinds of plastic catheters. Plastic Foley or urinary catheters are a very common variety. They are inserted into the urethra and used to help patients empty their bladders of urine when they are unable to urinate comfortably or easily. Other types include plastic suction catheters, which may be used to suck or drain fluids from the body.

Plastic Catheter Uses

Plastic catheters can have various uses and may be needed to help patients with a wide range of conditions. They may be essential for people who suffer from latex allergies and cannot have latex catheters inserted into their bodies, for example. They can help people suffering from urinary conditions like retention and incontinence, as well as being used for a wide range of medical procedures to deliver or drain fluids.

Plastic Catheter Suppliers

Two of the leading suppliers of plastic catheters are C. R. Bard and Teleflex.

Buy Plastic Catheters at CIA Medical

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