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Alaris Medical #2426-0500 - TUBING, PRIMARY, ANESTHESIA, 20/CS

Alaris Medical #2426-0500 - TUBING, PRIMARY, ANESTHESIA, 20/CS
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Product Description

Alaris Medical 2426-0500 - TUBING, PRIMARY, ANESTHESIA, 20/CS

Alaris Pump Module set Check Valve Roller, Slide Clamp(s) 3 SmartSite needle-free valve(s) 6", 74", 90" (1 above pumping segment and 2 below) from 2-piece Male Luer Lock. 20 Drop L: 126 in L: 321 cm PV: 26 mL Fluid Path Sterile

Key Terms

Check valve

A device which allows flow in only one direction. Commonly used for secondary piggyback drug administration or to protect certain elements of the set from high pressures seen when a syringe injects into the set. Reduces risk of contaminants flowing towards solution bag.

20 drop

Spike is designed so that 20 drops equal approximately 1 mL.

Drip Chamber

Check Valve


Product Specifications