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What Are Autoclave Gloves?

Autoclave gloves are a specific type of medical gloves. As the name suggests, these gloves are most commonly used when interacting with autoclave machines. An autoclave is a device that can carry out a range of industrial and medical processes that involve the use of high temperatures. 

In the medical world, autoclaves are most commonly used to sterilize pieces of equipment and medical supplies like trays, forceps, scissors, and so on. It works by exposing those items to highly pressurized steam at very high temperatures, and the items are usually very hot for a while after the process is complete. 

This is where the autoclave gloves come into play. Designed to be thick and protective, autoclave gloves are worn by people when interacting with autoclave machines or taking items out of them, helping to keep their hands safe against the steam and high temperatures generated by the device.

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When to Use Autoclave Gloves?

Autoclave gloves should be used in any situation that involves the use of an autoclave machine or any other machine or device that operates at high temperatures to clean or sterilize medical equipment and other items. For example, if a nurse is tasked with taking sterilized IV trays out of an autoclave, it's vital for them to wear a set of autoclave gloves in order to protect their hands against burns and heat damages.

Autoclave Glove Sizes 

It's always important to get the right size of gloves to suit your hands, especially when it comes to autoclave gloves, as a set that is too small could increase the risk of burns, while a set that is too large and loose could make it hard to grab onto items or keep the gloves in position. Fortunately, autoclave gloves are available in a range of sizes to suit small and large hands alike.

Autoclave Glove Types

Autoclave gloves are a very specific kind of gloves and are made according to a specific set of standards. This means that there are not multiple types of autoclave gloves, as they're all more or less identical in terms of their materials, color, design, and overall structure. However, there are many other types of gloves used in the medical world, like chemo gloves and dental gloves.

Autoclave Glove Uses

Autoclave gloves actually have quite a wide range of uses and can be used in many different industries where autoclaves are used. In the field of medicine, autoclave gloves are most commonly used in lab settings or hospitals, and they're vital for protecting a wearer's hands against the high temperatures produced when medical equipment is steamed and sterilized inside an autoclave machine. They help to reduce the risk of burns and skin damage.

Autoclave Glove Suppliers

Healthmark Industries, Bel-Art Products, and Fisher Scientific are some of the leading suppliers of autoclave gloves.

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