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What Are Dental Gloves?

Dental gloves are a specific type of medical gloves. As the name suggests, these gloves are most commonly used in the world of dentistry. They are used by both dentists and dental assistants to provide protection when carrying out a range of different dental procedures.

The main purpose of dental gloves, like other kinds of medical gloves, is to protect both the patient and the caregiver. The gloves form a barrier between the dentist’s skin and the patient’s mouth, drastically reducing the risk of any cross-contamination or other safety issues.

Dental gloves are available in many different sizes, and there are also various kinds of dental gloves available, including standard disposable dental gloves, flavored dental gloves for use with pediatric patients, and ambidextrous gloves that are specially designed to fit on either hand.

Dental gloves are useful for a wide range of dental procedures and are always recommended to be worn when carrying out dental checkups and treatments.

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When to Use Dental Gloves?

Dental gloves are used in the world of dentistry, so are not supposed to be used in other medical settings outside of dental offices and clinics. They should be worn during all sorts of dental procedures, ranging from simple check-ups to root canal procedures.

Dental Glove Sizes 

Like other kinds of medical gloves, dental gloves are available in a wide range of different sizes to suit different hands. Sizes typically range from XS all the way up to XL, and dental gloves tend to be quite flexible to fit around different hand shapes and lengths.

Dental Glove Types

We can divide dental gloves into various types. There are hand-specific dental gloves, for example, which have individual left and right models for each hand, as well as ambidextrous gloves that can easily be slid onto either hand. There are even flavored dental gloves that are often used when treating young children, flavored with pleasant tastes like cherry and strawberry. Most dental gloves are classed as nitrile gloves, due to the fact that nitrile rubber is used to make them. This material is famed for its strength, resistance, and flexibility.

Dental Glove Uses

The main purpose of dental gloves is to protect both the dentist and the patient. The dental gloves provide a barrier between the skin of the dentist and the gums or teeth of the patient in question, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from one person to the other, while still providing the level of control that dentists need when carrying out various checkups and procedures on their patients.

Dental Glove Suppliers

Young Dental, American Dental Supply, and Dental Lab Services are some of the leading suppliers of dental gloves.

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