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BYD Care Single use disposable 3-ply surgical mask, ASTM level-2 ear loop

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BYD Care Single use disposable 3-ply surgical mask, ASTM level-2 ear loop

Extensive selection of Avanos Medical products at CIA Medical with great prices plus fast shipping.

Avanos Medical Products for Hospital and Clinical Applications

Avanos Medical is one of the top brands in the medical products industry. Part of the Avanos family of companies, Avanos Medical Sales is dedicated to providing the best solutions and the most practical options for hospitals and healthcare providers. To achieve that end, Avanos Medical offers an extensive lineup of medical device solutions designed to suit the needs of patients both at home and in hospitals and clinics.

Officially founded in 2018, Avanos Medical operates seven medical device production sites and is an established provider of medical products and devices in more than 90 countries worldwide. CIA Medical partners with Avanos Medical to provide the right solutions for the healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics we serve. From the sturdy and functional Avanos Medical Eclipse to the basic infusion pumps necessary for IV therapy, CIA Medical can deliver the right solutions for you.

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Products Manufactured by Avanos Medical

Avanos Medical specializes in IV therapy, medication delivery and acute pain relief solutions. The elite solutions offered by Avanos Medical are in high demand in the medical industry and include the following options.

  • Avanos IV therapy options are available in both prefilled and empty versions to suit the needs of your healthcare facility perfectly. Portable infusion pump systems from Avanos are ideally suited for ambulatory patients and for those who need to take their Avanos Medical devices with them on the way home.
  • Avanos Medical also offers acute pain relief solutions that include an elastomeric pump for acute pain. Avanos Medical also offers a range of additional elastomeric pumps and accessories that are ideally suited to treat chronic and severe pain in the clinical setting.
  • The Avanos Medical Eclipse Pump is suitable for home use as well as in the hospital and clinical environment. This versatility ensures that the Avanos Medical Eclipse pump can accompany patients to deliver reliable medication dosages from their first day in the hospital until well after they return home. The Homepump Eclipse infusion pump is especially useful in delivering antibiotic therapy on a precisely timed schedule and rate of dosage for patients with longer-term needs for this medication. CIA Medical offers the best selection of Avanos Medical Eclipse pump options for the facilities we serve. These advanced infusion pumps deliver the right medication on the right schedule to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.
  • Avanos Medical ambIT pump solutions are ideally suited for delivering IV therapy for multiple patients in the clinical environment. The Avanos Medical ambIT pump is battery powered and can be programmed to provide both automated and manual dosage deliveries. This makes the Avanos Medical ambIT pump an ideal solution for post-operative patient care in hospital or at home.
  • Gastrostomy feeding tubes from Avanos Medical are an ideal solution for providing nutrition to patients who are unable to take food or drink by mouth. According to MedLine, feeding tube insertions can be challenging and typically involve endoscopy to ensure proper placement. Avanos Medical makes this process easier for patients and caregivers alike.

These Avanos Medical devices are designed to speed recovery times and to provide real assistance to patients in the medical setting. At CIA Medical, we make it easy to access the Avanos Medical products you need to serve your patients better. Our customer care representatives will work with you to provide the best guidance and support for your product search and for your medical institution.

Medical Videos About Avanos Medical Products and Services

These Avanos Medical videos are created to educate and inform patients and medical professionals about the products manufactured by the company.

  • We Are Avanos is a marketing piece that offers some insight into the culture and mission of Avanos Medical.
  • This series of videos is intended to showcase Avanos Medical COOLIEF radiofrequency (RF) solutions for chronic and acute pain management. COOLIEF offers long-term relief for pain without the use of opioids and other potentially addictive medications, which makes it a preferred choice for many patients in the therapeutic setting.
  • This video on Avanos Nasogastric Placement illustrates the benefits of the Avanos Medical ENFit Connector in managing connections between administration sets, enteral feeding tubes and other syringes and tubes necessary for treating patients.
  • The COOLIEF RF systems from Avanos get a closer look in this video. COOLIEF is capable of performing cooled, standard, pulsed and bipolar functions to reduce pain and to produce lasting relief for patients with acute or serious injuries or physical conditions that result in acute or chronic pain symptoms.

Contacting Avanos Medical

Avanos Medical headquarters is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company boasts more than 5,300 employees worldwide and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company can be reached by phone at 1-844-4Avanos or by filling out the company's online contact form. Avanos Medical has built its reputation on responsive customer care and on top-quality medical products for hospitals and other medical care facilities.

Benefits of CIA Medical for Your Facility

CIA Medical offers access to the best medical products for our customers. We have provided services to the CDC, the FBI and many other key government agencies. With more than 5,000 brands and half a million products to choose from, we make it easy to get the best prices and the fastest quotes for your medical institution. Register for your account today or give us a call at 312-275-5850 to access the perfect medical supplies for your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.