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BD 270309 - BBL RPR Susp Ag 10Ct 10x3mL Amp f/18mm Circle RPR Card Test Bx

BD  # 270309 - BBL RPR Susp Ag 10Ct 10x3mL Amp f/18mm Circle RPR Card Test Bx
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Product Description

BD 270309 - BBL RPR Susp Ag 10Ct 10x3mL Amp f/18mm Circle RPR Card Test Bx

BD Macro-Vue RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) 18mm Circle Card Tests: Cards

RPR Card antigen suspension is a carbon particle cardiolipin antigen1 which detects reagin, an antibody-like substance present in serum or plasma from syphilitic persons. The reagin binds to the test antigen, which consists of cardiolipin-lecithin-coated cholesterol particles, causing macroscopic flocculation.

  • Recommended when venous blood collection employed and a large volume of serum available, such as in public health and clinical laboratories
  • Various RPR Card Test kits are available with all the necessary supplies to perform the procedure
  • A wide array of kit sizes are available
  • Antigen and testing components may be purchased separately
  • Test cards are available in 10, 15 and 30 spot cards
  • BD Dispenstirs are included with tests to serve as pipetting and spreading devices
  • When specimen contains antibody, flocculation occurs with coagglutination of carbon particles of RPR Card antigen, which appear as black clumps against white background of card
  • Nonreactive specimens appear to have an even light-gray color
  • In special situations when nontreponemal test results are needed rapidly and specimen is collected as EDTA plasma, RPR 18mm Circle Card Test can be used if test is performed within 24 hours

Features & Benefits

  • The Macro-Vue RPR Card Test Control Cards are dehydrated control specimens of predetermined reactivity for quality-control testing of antigen before use in performing the Macro-Vue RPR Card Tests for the serologic detection of syphilis
  • The Macro-Vue RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Card Test Liquid Controls are designed as an unassayed control material to monitor, at three reaction levels, the precision of Macro-Vue RPR 18 mm Circle Card Test
  • Macro-Vue Model 51 with constant 100 rpm, 2 cm diameter, automatically controlled timer, one humidifying cover


  • Cardiolipin 0.003%
  • Lecithin 0.020 to 0.022%
  • Cholesterol 0.09%
  • EDTA 0.0125M
  • Na2HPO4 0.01M
  • KH2PO4 0.01M
  • Sodium Azide 0.2%
  • Charcoal 0.02%, Choline Chloride 10% w/v
  • Deionized/Distilled Water