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BD 302830 - Syringe 20cc LL w/o Needle 48/Bx, 4 BX/CA

BD  # 302830 - Syringe 20cc LL w/o Needle 48/Bx, 4 BX/CA
Part Number BD 302830
SKU Number CIA7003076
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Product Description

BD 302830 - Syringe 20cc LL w/o Needle 48/Bx, 4 BX/CA

302830- 20 mL BD Luer-Lok Syringe sterile, Single use

BD syringes feature a clear barrel with bold scale markings, tapered plunger rod for ease of aspiration, positive plunger rod stop, and an added BD Luer-Lok thread for increased secure connection. Packaging is clearly labeled latex free.

BD Luer-Lok tip

Our BD Luer-Lok tip is generally used for injections requiring a secure connection of the syringe to another device.

Key Product Features

CE MarkProduct is CE-marked
ParenteralParenteral product
Pyrogen FreeProduct is pyrogen free
Syringe Tip OrientationConcentric
Syringe Tip TypeBD Luer-Lok
Syringe Scale1 mL graduations
Total Shelf Life1825
SterileSterilized product
Volumetric Accuracy+/- 5% *for 1ml or smaller,accuracy below 0.2ml is+/- 0.07ml
Sterilization MethodIrradiation
BPA FreeNot made with BPA
DEHP FreeNot made with DEHP
Latex StatementNot made with natural rubber latex
PVC FreeNot made with PVC
DisposableDisposable product
Single UseProduct is for single use only


  1. To help avoid HIV (AIDS), HBV (Hepatitis) and other infectious disease due to accidental needlesticks, used needles should not be recapped or removed, unless there is no alternative or such action is required by a specific medical procedure. OSHA (USA) standards require that recapping of needles must performed using a one handed technique.
  2. Federal (USA) law restricks this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
  3. Re-use may lead to infection or other illness/injury.

Product Packaging Information

Packaging LevelShelfpackEachCase
Length184.0 mm363.22 mm
Width294.0 mm284.48mm
Height164.0 mm325.12mm
Weight958.25 g19.964 g3.833 kg
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