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BD 306424 - Posi-Flush Syringe Heparin PF 100u 5mL 30/BX, 16 BX/CS

BD  # 306424 - Posi-Flush Syringe Heparin PF 100u 5mL 30/BX, 16 BX/CS
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Product Description

BD 306424 - Posi-Flush Syringe Heparin PF 100u 5mL 30/BX, 16 BX/CS

306424 - 5 mL BD PosiFlush Heparin Lock Flush Syringe, 500 usp units/5 mL (100 usp units/mL) (NHRIC: 8290-306424)

This medication is used to keep IV catheters open and flowing freely. Heparin helps to keep blood flowing smoothly and from clotting in the catheter by making a certain natural substance in your body (anti-clotting protein) work better. It is known as an anticoagulant.This form of heparin must not be used to treat or prevent blood clots in the body.

Key Product Features

Preservative FreeProduct is preservative free
Pyrogen FreeProduct is pyrogen free
Syringe Tip OrientationConcentric
Syringe Tip TypeBD Luer-Lok
Syringe Scale0.5 mL graduations
Total Shelf Life730
SterileSterilized product
Concentration500usp units/5mL (100usp units/mL), 5mL fill
Safety EngineeredSafety engineered product
Safety Engineered FeatureNeedleless
Sterilization MethodSteam autoclaved
BPA FreeNot made with BPA
DEHP FreeNot made with DEHP
Latex StatementNot made with natural rubber latex
PVC FreeNot made with PVC
DisposableDisposable product
Single UseProduct is for single use only

Features and Benefits

Maintain Patency of Vascular Access Devices

BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Heparin Lock Flush Syringe is available in two concentrations - 10 USP units per mL and 100 USP units per mL - and in a variety of sizes and fill volumes to help support your catheter maintenance practice. It may help maintain catheter patency by locking vascular access devices, when used in accordance with your institution access maintenance protocol.

Contents Not Made with Preservatives

Like all of our pre-filled flush products, the heparin solution is not made with preservatives.

Sterility and Shelf Life

The heparin pre-filled flush products feature a sterile fluid pathway. Stored at 20? to 25? (68 ? to 77 ?), the 10-U/mL concentration has a shelf life of 18 months and the 100-U/mL concentration has a shelf life of two years.

Barrel Design

The syringes have a consistent 10-mL syringe barrel diameter, which may help lower the risk of catheter damage due to injection pressure.

Compliance with INS Guidelines

Using the syringe as a pre-filled product and locking the VAD with heparin help comply with INS 2016 standard S78 I, Phlebotomy via Direct Venipuncture.

Designed to Eliminate Syringe-Induced Reflux

What is syringe-induced blood reflux?

Syringe-induced blood reflux occurs during a flush procedure when the rubber stopper meets the end of the syringe. Since it is rubber, it will compress and rebound when pressure is released; creating a vacuum that draws blood back into the catheter.

How do I overcome syringe-induced blood reflux?

To overcome syringe-induced blood reflux use a prefilled syringe for catheter flushing that is designed to overcome this problem. Positive displacement valves address disconnect reflux, not syringe-induced reflux.

BD PosiFlush Saline Syringes are designed to eliminate syringe-induced blood reflux

BD PosiFlush Saline Syringes are designed to eliminate syringe-induced blood reflux, enhancing catheter maintenance protocols.

Graphic depicts the average amount of blood aspirated into the catheter upon completion of flush procedure if positive pressure technique is not correctly applied.

Consistent 10 mL diameter designed to lower the risk of catheter damage

Syringe size has an impact on the risk of catheter damage. Smaller diameter syringes generate greater amounts of pressure than larger diameter syringes.

Choose any size BD PosiFlush Syringe for lower pressure due to the 10 mL syringe diameter (as compared to standard syringes). All BD PosiFlush Syringes assure compliance with PICC manufacturer recommendations for with a 10 mL diameter syringe.

Usage Guidelines

Before Use

  • Tear open package at either end and remove syringe.
  • Depress plunger with tip cap on to relieve the resistance between the stopper and the barrel (Fig. a).
  • Using aseptic technique, remove the syringe tip cap from the FLUSH syringe by twisting it off (Fig. b).
  • Hold the syringe upright and expel the air and any excess solution in the syringe by positioning the front rib of the gray plunger tip at desired solution volume (Fig. c).
  • Attach the syringe to the injection site and flush, following your institutions policy.

After Use

Discard used syringe, including any unused solution, following your institutions policy (Fig. d). DO NOT REUSE


  • 3, 5 and 10 mL BD PosiFlush Syringes all have the same diameter as a standard 10 mL syringe and may be used for flushing catheters when protocols stipulate use of a 10 mL syringe to minimize flush pressure (PSI).
  • Please read labeling at all times.

Product Packaging Information

Packaging LevelShelfpackCaseEach
Length235.0 mm609.6 mm
Width159.0 mm485.14 mm
Height77.0 mm172.72 mm
Weight534.375 g8.55 kg17.812 g
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