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BD 329424 - Insulin Syringe U100 1cc 28gx1/2" 100/BX, 5 BX/CS

BD  # 329424 - Insulin Syringe U100 1cc 28gx1/2
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Product Description

BD 329424 - Insulin Syringe U100 1cc 28gx1/2" 100/BX, 5 BX/CS

329424 - 1 mL BD U-100 Insulin Syringe with 28 G x 1/2 in. Self-Contained BD Micro-Fine IV permanently Attached Needle, Regular bevel, Regular wall. Blister pack. (100/sp, 500/ca)

1-mL BD Luer-Lok insulin syringe - available with either a detachable needle or a permanently attached needle - support many clinical uses and crucially prevent needle disengagement, medication leakage, and spray or tubing disconnect.

Key Product Features

Hub ColorClear
Hub MaterialPolypropylene
Hub TypeDart shape
Needle Gauge28 G
Needle Gauge (m)0.36 mm
Needle Length (in.)1/2 in.
Needle Length (m)12.70 mm
Needle Tip Type3-bevel
Needle TypeInsulin
Needle Wall TypeRegular
Syringe Scale2 mL graduations
SterileSterilized product
Sterilization MethodGamma radiation
Latex StatementNot made with natural rubber latex
DisposableDisposable product

Proper Injection Technique

Proper injection technique is essential to improve consistency in medication delivery and optimize glycemic control. It includes factors such as:

  • knowing where the common injection sites are
  • understanding how to rotate sites
  • ensuring consistent delivery into subcutaneous (fat) layer
  • choosing proper needle length
  • avoiding injecting into muscle

Why is Proper Disposal Important?

Proper syringe disposal will help to:

  • Store and safely dispose of used syringes and lancets,
  • Protect trash collectors from accidental needlesticks,
  • Prevent your used syringes from falling into the wrong hands,
  • Protect the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are BD insulin syringes sterilized?

A. Using cobalt irradiation. Sterilization is the last process before shipping. The insulin syringes are already packed in their poly bags and boxes.

Q. Can BD insulin syringes be used for other types of medications?

A. Your doctor or pharmacist should prescribe the proper type of syringe to be used for your medication.

Q. Do insulin syringes expire?

A. Yes, they have a five-year shelf life. They should always be stored in a temperate, dry area.

Q. Can insulin syringes be pre-filled?

A. BD does not recommend that any of our insulin syringes be pre-filled more than a few minutes before the injection. No studies have conclusively determined the safety or risks associated with this practice.

Q. Can insulin syringes be reused?

A. BD insulin syringes are designed for single use only, and are clearly labeled as such. Today's insulin needle is thinner and more delicate for greater comfort, so needle reuse can damage the tip and cause injury.

Product Packaging Information

Packaging LevelShelfpackCaseEach
Length165.1 mm755.65 mm
Width165.1 mm177.8 mm
Height133.35 mm184.15 mm
Weight467.3 g2.74 kg4.673 g
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