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BSN Medical 04414001 - Tensoplast Athletic Tape 4"x5yd Case/16

BSN Medical # 04414001 - Tensoplast Athletic Tape 4
Part Number BSN Medical 04414001
SKU Number CIA1013726
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Product Description

BSN Medical 04414001 - Tensoplast Athletic Tape 4"x5yd Case/16

Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage, Bulk Packs, 04414001, 4 in x 5 yds, Beige, 16 rolls / case

Tensoplast, formerly Elastoplast, is an elastic adhesive bandage which is suitable for medium support or compression. Superior stretch and regain provides firm, controlled compression and support. The porous adhesive helps prevent skin maceration. Fluffy non-fray edges prevent the bandage from rucking or marking. Tensoplast is an elastic adhesive bandage that provides strong compression and long-lasting support. Manufactured completely from cotton, the bandage is ideal for treatment of all conditions that require limitation of movement.

The zinc oxide adhesive helps the bandage remain in place for extended periods, while the water-repellent material protects the bandage from soaking and soiling. Tensoplast is also permeable to air, helping prevent skin maceration.

Features & Benefits

  • High adhesive properties
  • Provides strong compression and long term
  • support
  • Water repellent
  • Air permeable
    • Cool and comfortable
  • Porous
    • Allows free air circulation
  • Zinc oxide adhesive
    • Provides maximum support and stability without unnecessary bulk
  • Convenience
    • Available in a variety of sizes for easy application, including body contours
  • "Blown" adhesive
    • Allows skin to breathe
  • High quality extensible substrate
  • Easy unwinding tension
  • Easy to apply
    • Distinctive central line to encourage accurate overlap

Caution: This product contains latex rubber which may cause an allergic reaction

High quality extensible fabric made of high-twist cotton yarns

  • Superior stretch and regain properties provide good conformability

Porous, zinc-oxide adhesive

  • Allows skin to breath - reduces maceration
  • Bandage remains securely in place with continuous reliable adhesion

Soft, non-fraying edges

  • Helps to prevent the bandage from constricting or leaving marks on the skin

Rounded edged core

  • Comfortable application, user friendly

Distinctive central line

  • Encourages accurate overlap during application

Range of sizes

  • Easy application to conform around a variety of body contours
  • Accurate application to maintain stability of an injured joint or ligament


  • Prophylactic use in active sport
  • General purpose fixation
  • Where firm directional support or immobilisation is required
  • Varicose conditions
  • Retention of dressings and devices, e.g. postorthopaedic and general surgery or over a muscular wound
  • Strong support and consistent control for injured ligaments or joints
  • Plays a key role in sports injuries in support of muscular areas
  • Sprains and strains
  • Varicose veins and ulcers (phlebitic and thrombotic)
  • Retention of dressings under compression


  • Treatment of all conditions which require limitation of movement, such as sprains and strains
  • Correction of mal position and posture

Product Specifications

Product Number#04414001
ManufacturerBSN Medical
ApplicationElastic Adhesive Bandage
Dimensions4 in x 5 yds
MaterialElastic / Adhesive