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BSN Medical #4874 - TAPE DELTACAST CONF 2"

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Product Description


Delta-Cast Elite Polyester Cast Tape, 4874, Black, 4 in x 4 yds, 10 rolls / box

The Progressive Solution Polyester Cast Tape

Delta-Cast Elite has been designed with ease of application and patient comfort in mind. Our patented fibreglass-free casting material combines strength and rigidity with soft edges for enhanced patient comfort. Ease of application is one of the most desired product features in the application of cast tapes. Delta-Cast Elite is a light-weight, non-fiberglass but rigid cast which was designed to offer ease of application combined with a high level of patient comfort.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent conformability
  • Strong lamination
  • Excellent molding touch
  • Reliable working time window
  • Fiberglass-free
  • Smooth finish & soft edges
  • Free choice of glove
  • Latex-free formula
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Highly radiolucent

Conformable Substrate

Delta-Cast Elite has a patented polyester substrate featuring extensible yarns that easily shape to body contours, providing enhanced molding capabilities. Environmentally friendly Delta-Cast Elite produces less dust during cast removal.

Excellent Unrolling Tension

The resin formulation of Delta-Cast Elite allows for application using standard examination gloves, while also providing consistent unrolling tension and secure lamination.


  • Smooth and soft cast edges
    • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Excellent strength, rigidity and durability
  • Easily conforms to body contours without folding or tucking
    • Increased patient comfort
  • Consistent set-time
    • Easier cast applications
    • Less time consuming

High-Tack Resin

  • Maximum lamination and end lay down
    • Strong, durable casts
  • Long lasting, vibrant colours make casts more enjoyable to wear
    • Patient compliance

Excellent Conformability Helps Create Well-Fitting Anatomic Casts

  • Patented elastic polyester yarns offer excellent conformability for wrinkle-free application
  • Conforms well to difficult or bony body contours
  • No tuck and fold required during application
  • Helps avoid constrictions

Resin Formulated for a Better Molding "Touch"

  • Slip agent surfactant creates a slippery touch during working time for an optimal molding feeling
  • Freedom to work with glove of your choice
  • Reliable, precise working time window
  • Excellent pliability throughout working time

It's the Number of Details
That Makes the Difference in the End

The features of Delta-Cast Elite aim to secure therapy success by offering superb wearing comfort and lasting support.

Strong Lamination for Secure Immobilization and Lasting Support

  • Secure lamination between layers ensures long-term durability
  • High rigidity and strong stability of cast gives self-confidence
  • High durability reduces risk of cast breakdown

Excellent end lay Down and Flawless, Smooth Surface

  • Secure lamination of end of bandage
  • Smooth surface minimizes snag on clothing and bed linens
  • Soft edges for improved patient comfort and compliance ??

Patented Fibreglass-Free Substrate

Delta-Cast Elites patented polyester substrate features extensible yarns that easily shape to body contours, providing enhanced molding capabilities for both primary and secondary casting applications and produces less dust during cast removal.

Patented Resin System

Ensures maximum lamination and end laydown for strong, long-lasting casts. The patented glove system provides a tack-free application.

Product Application

Product Specifications

Product Number#4874
BrandDelta-Cast Elite
ManufacturerBSN Medical
ApplicationCast Tape
Dimensions4 in x 4 yds

Product Safety Data