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BSN Medical 7800901 - Total Contact Casting Cutimed TCC Kit Ea

BSN Medical # 7800901 - Total Contact Casting Cutimed TCC Kit Ea
Part Number BSN Medical 7800901
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Product Description For BSN Medical 7800901

BSN Medical 7800901 - Total Contact Casting Cutimed TCC Kit Ea

Cutimed Off-Loader Select Synthetic | Total contact cast system

  • 1st choice for wounds not showing significant healing at 4 weeks
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces inventory
  • Complete treatment kit for diabetic foot ulcers
  • Reduces shear and friction

Kit components

Cutimed Cavity

A sterile dressing, made from hydrophilic absorbent polyurethane foam.

Delta Terry-Net C

Cotton stockinette has excellent absorption and conformability. It reduces the risk of bunching in the dorsum of the foot.

Delta Terry-Net

Adhesive felt padding for added protection of the bony prominences of the tibia and malleoli.

Specialist 100

cotton cast padding is soft and made of 100% cotton. It has excellent absorption properties and low loft needed for a total contact cast.

Orthoflex Elastic

Plaster of Paris Bandage that is ideal for difficult casting applications as it conforms well to the body contours. Manufactured with Specialist plaster and an elastic gauze.

Gypsona S

Plaster of Paris Bandages are made with a creamy plaster that results in a smoother cast, plastic core improves handling.

Delta-Lite Conformable

A patented fiberglass cast tape that provides unsurpassed conformability, greatly reducing the need to tuck and fold during application.

Perforated open cell foam to protect the toes and allow more breathability than nonperforated foams.

Cotton gauze used between the toes to reduce the risk of skin maceration.

Cutimed Off-Loader Select

Evidence based treatment guidelines including consensus documents and Standards of Care agree off-loading is required for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers . Now, the worlds leading casting company brings you two options for your Total Contact Casting (TCC) needs. The Cutimed Off-Loader and Cutimed Off-Loader Select Total Contact Casting Systems offer the premium casting materials in an easy to use kit.

Evidence Based Results

Total contact casting provides higher percentage of ulcers healed vs other methods of offloading.

  • 90% TCC
  • 65% RCW (Removable Cast Walker)
  • 58% Half Shoe

Total contact casting WORKS to remove the barriers to healing in the Diabetic Foot ulcer

Highest reduction in impact, velocity and duration

  • Works to significantly reduce repetitive stress injury
  • Works to limit time under stress

Highest reduction in Shear forces

  • Protects fragile wound bed and wound edges from shear and friction damage
  • Reduces inflammation due to repetitive tissue damage

Seals out Contaminants and Bacteria

  • Works to reduce opportunities for infection


Without Total Contact Casting Diabetic Foot Ulcers Take Longer to Heal and Are Costly


An Integrated Therapy Approach Remove, Rebuild, Reduce" Promotes Faster Healing

Is it Possible to Improve the Outcome?

  • Aggressive off-loading of neuropathic plantar ulcers in diabetic patients is not an adjunct therapy to treatment it is the most extensively studied treatment4
  • Advanced therapeutics are unlikely to succeed in improving wound healing outcomes unless effective off-loading is achieved
  • Increased healing of a DFU is more likely to occur with adherence to off-loading

Off-Loading Therapy From BSN: Customizable, Easy to Apply and Remove

Reduce Pressure | Cutimed Off-Loader Select TCC System

  • TRUE Total Contact Casting
  • Customizable for most legs
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to apply and remove

Cutimed Off-Loader Select Offers Superior Results to Newer, More Expensive Therapies

Cutimed Off-Loader Select TCC Treatment Pathway

Ways to Help Ensure Positive Post-Healing Outcomes

DFU Education

  • Without sound self-management and proper foot care, DFUs are three times more likely to reoccur
  • Discuss healthy diet, blood sugar levels, weight, daily foot exercise and other key factors

Maintain Range of Motion (ROM)

As healed DFUs can impact normal ROM, range of joint motion and repetitive foot exercises have been shown to increase blood supply to affected areas, aiding in both healing and future prevention.

Intelligent Footwear and Device Choices

Healing sandals, diabetic socks, and shear-reducing insoles offer both comfort and protection.

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