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Cardinal Health JP-2210 - Silicone Flat Drain without Trocar, 7mm x 30cm, 3/4 (20cm) FLUTES, 10/BX

Cardinal Health # JP-2210 - Silicone Flat Drain without Trocar, 7mm x 30cm, 3/4 (20cm) FLUTES, 10/BX
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Product Description

Cardinal Health JP-2210 - Silicone Flat Drain without Trocar, 7mm x 30cm, 3/4 (20cm) FLUTES, 10/BX

Channel Round Silicone Wound Drains

Traditional style, 100% silicone wound drains have smooth, heat polished perforations that are positioned in alternate 90 planes for effective exudate drainage.

This Wound Drain System combines a transparent silicone round tube and a white perforated flat drain. The inner wall of the implanted flat segment features tooth-like structure to prevent possible occlusion when the tube is pressed or kinked.Drain placement is quick and easy thanks to the convenient indicator dot. Flat wound drain available with 7mm and 10mm,Sizes with 3/4 and Full Perforations.Drains are Radio-opaque for X-Ray Detection.

What Is a Wound Drain?

A wound drain is typically a plastic tube that provides a way for unnecessary body fluids or air to flow out of the body from a wound. The purpose of the drain is to remove fluid and/or blood from the area of surgery. This helps the healing process. One end of the wound drain is placed within the wound and the other end may be connected to a suction collection device. The fluid may be collected in a drainage bag, plastic bulb, plastic carton, or onto a dressing.

Silicone Wound Drains Features

  • Utilize internal channels or flutes to swiftly remove exudate.
  • Independent channels facilitate drainage and lower risk of occlusion.
  • Indicator dot makes drain placement quick and easy.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Sterile.

Silicone Wound Drains Benefits

  • A four-channel design
  • Silicone material helps to improve patient comfort while providing high tensile strength.
  • Designed to help assist in minimizing tissue in-growth through a no-hole design.
  • Flat and round drains come in a two-piece design; round drains also come in a one-piece hubless design.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Flat and round two-piece drains include silicone that is barium impregnated for x-ray detection.
  • Round hub less drains include a radiopaque stripe for x-ray detection.

What Types Of Surgeries Are Wound Drains Commonly Used In?

Indications for Use

Cardinal Health Channel Drains, round and flat silicone, are indicated for use with selected Cardinal Healthevacuators for closed wound drainage following head and neck, orthopedic, abdominal, ENT, OB/GYN, plastic, neurosurgery, thoracic and cardiovascular (channel drains only) procedures.


  • If an air-tight seal between the drain and the skin where the drain emerges is not achieved, the air leak must be rectified or the system must be converted to open drainage.
  • An airtight seal between all system components (drain, adaptor and reservoir) is necessary for proper system function.
  • Evacuators should be emptied and re-activated when required per hospital protocol.
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