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Cook Medical #G15469 - SET, INTRODUCER, COOK, SP TUBE, 075920, EACH

Cook Medical #G15469 - SET, INTRODUCER, COOK, SP TUBE, 075920, EACH
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Product Description

Cook Medical G15469 - SET, INTRODUCER, COOK, SP TUBE, 075920, EACH

Cook SP Tube Introducer Set

Used for introducing a Foley catheter (up to 18.0 French in size) supra-pubically into the bladder. Intended for one-time use.

Order NumberReference Part NumberFrench SizeSheath Length (cm)

Set Contains

  • Radiopaque polyvinylchloride dilator with radiopaque TFE Peel-Away sheath
  • 2 radiopaque polyethylene dilators
  • Introducing needle
  • Stainless steel wire guide

CAUTION: Sterile if the package is unopened or undamaged. Do not use if package is broken.
CAUTION: Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Suggested Instructions for Using Cook SP Tube Introducer Set

  • Prepare puncture site in usual manner. Advance the introducer needle suprapubically into the bladder. (For patients with a small supra-pubic tube in place, a second puncture is not necessary.)
  • Advance the wire guide through the introducer needle (or previous tract) into the bladder.
  • Once the wire guide is in place, remove the introducer needle.
  • Using a #11 blade, make a skin puncture at the midline of the wire guide exit site.
    CAUTION: The blade must face caudally. (In a thin patient, the rectal sheath can be punctured at this time.)
  • Advance dilators over the wire guide as necessary to allow the 20.0 French dilator to be introduced to the first graduation. This dilator should be introduced with the side groove facing caudally at the midline.
  • Inject local anesthesia along the side groove to anesthesize the rectal sheath. Advance a #11 blade along the side groove to open the deep site
  • Advance the dilator into the bladder. When dilation is complete, advance the Peel-Away sheath into the bladder and remove the dilator.
    IMPORTANT: Do not remove the wire guide until proper placement of the sheath is confirmed.
  • Urine flow will confirm that the sheath is positioned in the bladder. Remove the wire guide. Compress the sheath between the thumb and forefinger to stop urine flow.
  • Introduce a regular Foley catheter (up to 18.0 French in size) through the sheath into the bladder. Secure the catheter in the usual manner and peel away the introducer sheath.