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Cook Medical #G18664 - CATHETER, GOLDSTEIN, SONOHYST, 5.2FR, 26CM, 10/BX

Cook Medical #G18664 - CATHETER, GOLDSTEIN, SONOHYST, 5.2FR, 26CM, 10/BX
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Product Description

Cook Medical G18664 - CATHETER, GOLDSTEIN, SONOHYST, 5.2FR, 26CM, 10/BX

Goldstein Sonohysterography Catheter

The Goldstein Sonohysterography Catheter is used to access the uterine cavity for sonohysterography. It is available in either PTFE or polyethylene material.

Used to access the uterine cavity for sonohysterography.

  • The adjustable acorn-shaped positioner maintains catheter placement while reducing leakage of instilled saline at the external cervical os.
  • The ink band provides a reference mark to indicate proper catheter positioning.
  • The catheters round, closed tip eases introduction into the uterus.
  • The large oval sideport facilitates instillation of saline solution.


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CAUTION: Sterile if the package is unopened or undamaged. Do not use if package is broken.
CAUTION: Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.


This device should not be used in the presence of hemorrhage, active pelvic infection, sexually transmitted disease, profuse bleeding, or pregnancy. This device should only be used by an experienced clinician.

Suggested Instructions for Using Goldstein Sonohysterography Catheter

  • Pre-fill catheter with saline and remove syringe prior to placement. NOTE: Syringe is reattached after catheter is positioned.
  • With cervix exposed, insert catheter into uterus using packing forceps. NOTE: Reference mark on catheter may be used to aid in positioning.
  • Advance positioner into cervix using forceps.
  • Instill saline through catheter into uterus.
  • Catheter is removed upon completion of ultrasound procedure.
    NOTE: Upon removal of catheter, ensure that positioner is still on body of catheter. If still lodged in patient cervix, remove using forceps.