Covidien #15170 - MBO-STAPLER, PREMIUM POLY CS-57, 0.170, 3/BX

Covidien #15170 - MBO-STAPLER, PREMIUM POLY CS-57, 0.170, 3/BX
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Product Description

Covidien 15170 - MBO-STAPLER, PREMIUM POLY CS-57, 0.170, 3/BX

The Premium Poly CS stapler places two rows of Lactomer absorbable copolymer staples while a knife blade cuts between them, creating a 57 mm opening. The instrument is activated by squeezing the handle. The size of the staples is determined by the selection of the .140 or .170 staple size.

57mm single use linear stapler with LACTOMER* 9-1 absorbable staples used for creating a temporary opening, such as a hysterotomy made during a cesarean section. It places 20 absorbable copolymer LACTOMER* 9-1 staples on a double-staggered row with cutting knife in between. Approximate B-shaped closure: 4.3mm (.170 inches), staple dimension 4.85 x 5.15mm.

Features and Benefits

1. Absorbable staples.

Totally absorbable. No foreign materials left in body.

2. Automatic staple and cut.

Rapid, controlled hemostatic hysterotomy. Reduced bloodloss.


1. The stapler is offered in 2 sizes...why?

The .140 is used in thinner tissue, i.e., prolonged labor. The .170 is used in thicker tissue, i.e., unlabored or scheduled C-sections.