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C.R. Bard 012034NY - NEEDLE, HUBER PLUS 20GX .75" W/Y, 25 EA/CS

C.R. Bard # 012034NY - NEEDLE, HUBER PLUS 20GX .75
Part Number C.R. Bard 012034NY
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Product Description

C.R. Bard 012034NY - NEEDLE, HUBER PLUS 20GX .75" W/Y, 25 EA/CS

Needle-Stick Safety: It's in the Wings

HuberPlus Safety Infusion Set with Y-Injection Site and Needleless Injection Cap

The HuberPlus reduces the incidence of needlestick injuries by giving you control in hand placement and grip and, most importantly, single handed needle access and safety activation.

Features and Benefits

  • Single handed needle access and safety activation.
  • Safety mechanism completely contains the needle.
  • Low profile to facilitate dressing.
  • Dual lumen port compatible to enable simultaneous infusions through dual lumen ports.


  • Virtually no technique change.
  • One-handed passive safety activation.
  • Audible click - confirms safety feature is engaged.
  • Needleless access connector for needle-free access.
  • Wing color dictates gauge size of needle.

Comfortable for the Patient

  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to dress.

Safety Mechanism

The wings "snap" closed and enclose the needle protecting the clinician from an accidental needlestick injury during needle removal, transport and disposal of the HuberPlus.

SmartSite Needle-Free Injection Site

Y versions of the Huber Plus Safety Infusion Sets are supplied with SmartSite Y needle-free injection sites which should only be used with standard male Luer fittings on syringes or administration sets. Aseptically prepare the SmartSite entry port per institutional protocol before attaching a male Luer fitting. Do not insert hypodermic or blunt needles into the SmartSite.

Indications For Use

The Huber Plus Safety Infusion Set is a safety IV administration set with a non-coring right angle Huber needle used to access surgically implanted vascular ports. The Huber Plus is used to administer fluids or to withdraw blood. The Huber Plus facilitates safe removal of the needle by encapsulating the needle within the wings to help prevent needlestick injuries when using the device for vascular port access.


  • Carefully read and follow all instructions prior to use.
  • Care must be taken to avoid accidental needlesticks.
  • Only qualified healthcare practitioners should insert, manipulate and remove these devices.
  • High pressure or use with power injectors may cause leakage or damage.
  • Confirm correct needle placement in the port reservoir by aspiration of blood before infusion of any substance. If there is doubt regarding proper needle placement, preform a radiographic dye procedure to confirm placement per institutional protocol.
  • Do not remove and reinsert the needle into the port.
  • Avoid excessive manipulation once the needle is in the port.
  • Follow all instructions, contraindications, warnings, cautions and precautions for all infusates, ports, IV pumps, IV sets and needleless systems, as specified by the respective manufacturer.
  • Follow standard infection control precautions as specified by the CDC (USA) or local equivalent.
  • Do not use this product if it appears damaged or if the package has been previously opened or damaged.
  • Do not access the needleless Y-injection site valve with a needle. Valve puncture may result in an embolism.


  • When handling the Huber Plus Safety Infusion Set, always follow universal (infection control) precautions as specified by the CDC (U.S.A.) or local equivalent.
  • Leakage may occur with Luer fitting connections over time or when disconnecting components -- use universal precautions to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
  • Verify that clamp is open and that there are no kinks in the IV line before priming or initiating flow.
  • If the folding wing safety feature fails to completely cover and lock the contaminated needle during removal, use care in handling the infusion set and immediately dispose of it into a sharps container.
  • Do not clean, re-sterilize or reuse the Huber Plus Safety Infusion Set.