Ethicon #4150 - BioPatch Protective Disk with CHG 1' 4mm 10/BX, 4 BX/CS

Ethicon #4150 - BioPatch Protective Disk with CHG 1' 4mm 10/BX, 4 BX/CS
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Product Description

Ethicon 4150 - BioPatch Protective Disk with CHG 1' 4mm 10/BX, 4 BX/CS

The BIOPATCH Protective Disk with CHG is the evidence-based dressing choice for reducing local infections, catheter-related blood stream infections (CRBSI) and skin colonization of microorganisms commonly associated with CRBSI in patients with central venous andarterial catheters.

The Problem

Prepping the skin is not enough:60% of CRBSI originate from the patient's own skin. Without continual suppression, bacteria on the skin surface can REPOPULATE and migrate into the bloodstream, elevating the risk of CRBSI.

Within hours of thorough antiseptic application, resident bacteria quickly re-colonize the skin surface.

1. Pre-Prep:

Bacteria colonies exist not only on the surface, but below the surface as well, particularly within the hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

2. Post-Prep:
(Immediately following antiseptic application)

Prepping the skin reduces colony counts of bacteria from the surface only - it never completely disinfects the skin.

3. Post-Prep:
(within 1-2 days following antiseptic application)

Resident bacteria begin to re-colonize on the skin surface.

The Solution

BIOPATCH Protective Disk with CHG is the Solution to Reducing Risk of Catheter-Related BSIs.

CHG Delivery

Through its proprietary delivery technology, BIOPATCHprovides proven sustained antimicrobial action over 7 days.

Continuous release of CHG provides 360 protection around the insertion site for 7 days for ongoing antisepsis between dressing changes.

CHG Accumulation

BIOPATCH delivers a clinically relevant dose of CHG.