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Ethicon #PSEE60A - Echelon Flex Powered Endopath 60mm Long Stapler Articulating 340mm, GST System, EACH

Ethicon #PSEE60A - Echelon Flex Powered Endopath 60mm Long Stapler Articulating 340mm, GST System, EACH
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Product Description

Ethicon PSEE60A - Echelon Flex Powered Endopath 60mm Long Stapler Articulating 340mm, GST System, EACH

A better grip on movement.Now experience less tissue slippage during firing with the ECHELON FLEX GST System

Only the ECHELON FLEX GST System* with the combination of the new ECHELON FLEX Powered Plus Stapler used with proprietary Reloads with GST gives you the following results:

  • 4x less tissue slippageduring firing compared to Endo GIA Reloads with Tri-Staple Technology for unsurpassed staple formation.
  • Transect the tissue you intended the first time with a more targeted tissue transection with each firing.
  • May eliminate 1 reload per procedure due to less tissue slippage during firing.
  • Only system to provide a uniform closed staple height, now across a range of tissue thicknesses with each reload.
  • Exclusive reloads with Gripping Surface Technology, offering a proprietary ridged surface to provide a superior grip that holds tissue in place during firing.
The ECHELON FLEX GST System is built on the stability of a powered firing, allowing 88% less movement at the end effector\\ and potentially less trauma to adjacent tissues.

ECHELON FLEX Powered ENDOPATH Stapler 45mm and 60mm Compression with Stability. Power with Control.

Enhanced system-wide compression

  • Only powered endocutter with enhanced system-wide compression.
  • Delivers consistent, properly formed staples across the entire length of the staple line by maintaining a uniform gap in the jaws from proximal end to distal tip.

Powered, controlled firing for enhanced stability.Stability on or near vital structures

  • Virtually effortless firing minimizes movement of distal tip.

Stability in thick tissue

  • Allows the surgeon to reduce movement at the end effector by at least 63% duringtransection of thick tissue*.
  • Ensures smooth, consistent firing even in thick tissue and at awkward angles.
Surgeon-controlled power
  • Surgeon can pause or reverse firing at any time during the transection (therewill always be staples beyond the cut line when blade is reversed).
  • Only powered endocutter with a dual safety system that includes a manual override system.
  • Manual closure allows precise placement on target tissue and provides tactile feedback asthe device is closed.
  • Effortless firing, natural articulation, and ergonomic handle design enable true one-handed use.
Efficient inventory management
  • Same wide range of cartridges as all ECHELON ENDOPATH Staplers.

Responsible power

  • Reliability:Disposable batteries ensure full power for the case.
  • Environmental responsibility:Battery pack does not contain heavy metals and is considerednonhazardous waste at time of final disposal.
  • Cost control and convenience:No capital purchase or hassles with extra setup,disposal, recharging equipment, or hospital sterilization processes.

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