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HLIC HLSV261822MB - Primary Admin Set, 10 Drop with 1 injection site, 50 Per/Bx

HLIC # HLSV261822MB - Primary Admin Set, 10 Drop with 1 injection site, 50 Per/Bx
Part Number HLIC HLSV261822MB
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Product Description

HLIC HLSV261822MB - Primary Admin Set, 10 Drop with 1 injection site, 50 Per/Bx

Universal Spike, Roller Clamp, Slide Clamp, Valve Injection Site 11 above distal end, Spin Connector Priming Volume: 25.6 mL, Length: 88 in. (224 cm)

Extend your IV therapy without overextending yourself!

IV Admin Set w/ 1 Luer Injection Site


  • Universal spike.
  • Slide Clamp.
  • Roller clamp.
  • Back Check Valve.
  • Valve Injection Site 11 above distal end.
  • Spin connector.
  • Priming Volume: 25.6 mL.
  • Length: 88 in. (224 cm).

Cross Reference

  • Baxter Flo-Gard 6201

Slide clamp

Slide clamp used to regulate the flow of IV solution. The slide clamp has a graduated opening through which the IV tubing passes. Pushing the tube into the narrow end of the opening constricts it and reduces the flowrate of the IV solution. Sliding the wide end of the opening over the tube increases the flow rate.

Roller clamp

Roller clamp equipped with a small roller that may be rolled counterclockwise to close off primary IV tubing or clockwise to open it. The roller clamp may also be manipulated to increase and decrease the flow of the IVsolution and is easily moved with the thumb, thus making it a one-handed convenience in the administration of IV therapy.

Back check valve

Prevents backflow and therefore it offers higher safety during parallel pressure and gravity infusions.

For example, at high secondary infusion flow rates, the pressure exerted by the pump can be enough to overcome the primary flow protection offered by the back check valve, causing simultaneous delivery of both the primary and secondary infusions at indeterminate rates. In this unique case, a reduction in secondary infusion flow rate may be required, if possible, or the primary infusion tubing may need to be clamped upstream of the secondary infusion port to obstruct primary fluid flow. The flow rate that overcomes the flow protection of a back check valve varies depending on the specific components (e.g., pump, administration set, IV bag) and the drug connected to the system.

Why Universal Spike?

A vented/non-vented or "universal" spike allows an administration set to be used with all types of solution containers. The vent should be open when infusing from non-collapsible containers (glass and semi-rigid plastic) and closed when infusing from collapsible plastic containers (bags).

What is Priming volume?

The amount of fluid required to fill the entire length of the IV administration set eliminating the air in line. At the beginning of an infusion, all IV sets are primed to avoid delivering air through the line. After the IV bag is spiked with the IV administration set, the IV solution/fluid flows through the tubing to remove the air. The priming volume of IV administration sets vary by manufacturer and affected by the length of the tubing and any add-on devices. The priming volume information can be found on the packaging label of the IV administration set.


Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice advise to usee administration sets free of di-ethylhexyl-phthalate (DEHP) to administer lipid-based infusates, such as IVFE or TNA. DEHP is lipophilic and is extracted into the lipid solution with commonly used polyvinyl chloride administration sets and containers. DEHP is considered a toxin, and studies have demonstrated increased DEHP levels in lipid solutions, which is especially a risk with neonatal, pediatric, and long-term home care patients (42).

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