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Hollister 7805 - Barrier Ring Adapt 2" Outer Diameter Flat LF 10/Bx

Hollister # 7805 - Barrier Ring Adapt 2
Part Number Hollister 7805
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Product Description

Hollister 7805 - Barrier Ring Adapt 2" Outer Diameter Flat LF 10/Bx

Adapt Barrier Rings

Adapt flat barrier rings can be used to fill in or caulk uneven skin contours near the stoma to create a flatter surface and help prevent ostomy drainage from getting under the ostomy barrier. They may be cut, stretched, or stacked together to help improve the fit of a pouching system.

  • Flextend M skin barrier formulation
  • Convenient, individually packaged transparent trays
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Stock NumberSizeWidth (Metric)Order Quantity
78052" (48 mm)4.5 mmBox of 10


Flat, circular-shaped hydrocolloid skin barriers with a centre opening. Fill uneven skin surfaces around the stoma. Easily shaped to the dimensions of the stoma.

  • Improve skin barrier fit.
  • Minimise leakage risk.
  • Protect the skin.
  • Improve pouch wear time.
  • Can be stretched, moulded or stacked to improve the fit of the skin barrier.
  • Individually packaged.

Adapt Barrier Rings Are Available in The Following Sizes:

Why Adapt Barrier Rings?

  • Use to protect your skin
  • Use to fill in uneven surfaces to create a flatter surface for a more secure fit for your pouch
  • Use to extend the wear time of your pouch
  • Use to help prevent ostomy drainage from getting under the ostomy barrier
  • Can be cut, stretched, or stacked together to improve the fit of your pouching system

Using Adapt Barrier Rings

  • Wash and dry your skin thoroughly
  • Remove the barrier ring from the plastic container (Figure 1), then remove the protective coverings from both sides of the barrier ring (Figure 2)
  • Stretch and shape before applying (Figure 3). You may choose to:
    • a. Apply the barrier ring to the adhesive side of your skin barrier (Figure 4)
    • b. Apply the barrier ring to your skin and then apply your pouching system
  • Stack barrier rings if needed, for an improved fit (Figure 5)
  • To remove, gently peel away from the skin when you change your pouching system

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would I choose to use a slim ring?

The Adapt Slim barrier ring is designed to be stretched and shaped like the standard version but offers a lower profile.

2. Does it matter which side of the ring is applied to my skin

No, either side may be applied to your skin.

3. My stoma is not round. Can I still use the barrier rings?

Yes, Adapt barrier rings can be easily stretched or shaped for a customised fit.

4. I used to use paste. Are the barrier rings better than paste?

There are many advantages to using Adapt barrier rings instead of paste. For some people, barrier rings are easier to apply and remove than paste. Barrier rings are more durable and tend to be more resistant to erosion from your ostomy discharge. Most people find that the barrier rings eliminate the need for paste.

5. Can I use this if my skin is irritated?

Yes*, Adapt barrier rings are alcohol-free, so there is no sting from alcohol when applied to broken or irritated skin.

* Irritated skin near the stoma should be evaluated by a qualified healthcare professional, who will help determine the cause of the skin problem and how to prevent further injury.

6. What is the advantages of the clam shell packaging?

The clam shell design packaging allows you to easily store any part of the Adapt barrier ring you havent used for use at a later time. It also allows you to easily see the remaining amount of Adapt barrier ring at a glance. The clam shell is also stackable for convenient storage and is environmentally friendly, recyclable and made from recycled materials. ?

7. Is the formulation the same as the standard barrier ring?

All Adapt rings are made from the same hydrocolloid formulation. This formulation is flexible and provides erosion resistant extended wear benefits, to help protect your skin.