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MDC Research #LH-0029YN - Huber Needle Safety 2Clamps & LL 22Gx3/4" 25/CS

MDC Research #LH-0029YN - Huber Needle Safety 2Clamps & LL 22Gx3/4
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Product Description

MDC Research LH-0029YN - Huber Needle Safety 2Clamps & LL 22Gx3/4" 25/CS

SafeStep Huber Needle Set with Y-Injection Site and Medegen Needleless Injection Cap, 22 Gauge x .75"

The SafeStep Huber Needle Set is a device intended for insertion into the septum of subcutaneously implanted ports and infusion of fluids into the port. The SafeStep* Huber Needle safety feature is manually activated during needle removal, and is designed to aid in the prevention of accidental needle sticks.

  • Rotating needle head for maneuvering and positioning
  • Small stable design ideal for patient comfort and easy to dress
  • Wingless design
  • Low Profile (0.550")
  • Padded footprint for comfort
  • Dual lumen port adaptable


  • Fully tighten all connectors, Y-site end caps, or needleless connectors before use. Failure to attach an end cap after removing a male Luer locking end cap can result in an air embolism or bleeding.
  • This is a single-use product. DO NOT REUSE. DO NOT RESTERILIZE.
  • Failure to use this device correctly when removing needle from port site could result in the needle tip re-emerging from the base, resulting in an accidental needlestick with a contaminated needle. A needlestick with a contaminated needle may cause infectious disease.
  • Verify needle length is correct based on port reservoir depth, tissue thickness, and the thickness of any dressing beneath the bend of the needle; if too long, needle and/or port may be damaged at insertion; if too short, needle may not completely pierce port septum, and medication may be delivered into surrounding tissue and/or needle may be blocked.
  • Handle and discard in accordance with accepted medical practice and all applicable regulations. After use, this product is a potential biohazard.
  • Do not alter this device.
  • Needless Y-injection site valve may leak slightly at certain pressures resulting in a small bead of fluid on the valve.
  • The textured handle and base are not connected. The base will move along the length of the needle.


  • Carefully read and follow all instructions prior to use.
  • Care must be taken to avoid accidental needlesticks.
  • Only qualified healthcare practitioners should insert, manipulate and remove these devices.
  • High pressure or use with power injectors may cause leakage or damage.
  • Confirm correct needle placement in the port reservoir by aspiration of blood before infusion of any substance. If there is doubt regarding proper needle placement, preform a radiographic dye procedure to confirm placement per institutional protocol.
  • Do not remove and reinsert the needle into the port.
  • Avoid excessive manipulation once the needle is in the port.
  • Follow all instructions, contraindications, warnings, cautions and precautions for all infusates, ports, IV pumps, IV sets and needleless systems, as specified by the respective manufacturer.
  • Follow standard infection control precautions as specified by the CDC (USA) or local equivalent.
  • Do not use this product if it appears damaged or if the package has been previously opened or damaged.
  • Do not access the needleless Y-injection site valve with a needle. Valve puncture may result in an embolism.