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Medline MSC091040 - Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive, 0.4 ml, 12/BOX .4ML, 12/BX

Medline # MSC091040 - Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive, 0.4 ml, 12/BOX .4ML, 12/BX
Part Number Medline MSC091040
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Product Description

Medline MSC091040 - Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive, 0.4 ml, 12/BOX .4ML, 12/BX

Skin Affix

Designed to Optimize Wound Closure!

Skin AffixT is a sterile, high viscosity liquid topical skin adhesive used to close simple lacerations, wounds and minimally invasive surgical procedures. It is comprised of a proprietary 2 octyl- cyanoacrylate which polymerizes within minutes for secure and strong wound closure. Skin Affix can replace sutures that are 5-0 or smaller in diameter for minimally invasive surgical incisions or simple trauma lacerations. Designed to save time during wound repair, provide a flexible, water-resistant, microbial barrier, and eliminate the need for suture removal.

The applicator is designed to provide versatile coverage with less adhesive material, and the dark violet tint makes application easy. The hollow tip design offers prolonged use (no "race against the clock") to increase efficiency in the OR/ER and reduce wasted adhesive. Skin Affix is water resistant and will remain on the skin for 5-10 days and will slough off naturally for greater patient comfort. Be sure to provide patient with instructions to properly care for their wound.

Skin Affix is a topical skin adhesive intended to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds from:

  • Surgical incisions.
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Simple, thoroughly cleansed trauma-induced lacerations.


  • Sterile 2-octyl cyanoacrylate.
  • High viscosity formulation.
  • Effective microbial barrier protection.
  • Fast setting.
  • Naturally sloughing (5-10 days).


  • Versatile foam tip allows for broad and narrow strokes.
  • Promoting controlled delivery - transparent applicator.
  • Easy to use no assembly required.

Patient Comfort

  • Low exothermic reaction*.
  • Flexible and water-resistant.

How to care for your wound:

  • Keep the wound dry. Do not soak or scrub the wound area. To dry, gently pat with a soft towel or cloth. If bandaged, keep the bandage dry or replace if it becomes wet.
  • Avoid topical medications. Do not apply liquid or ointment medications, lotions, creams, petroleum jelly, mineral oils or any other product to your wound while skin affix adhesive film is in place.
  • Do not rub, scratch or pick at the wound. Doing so may prevent the wound from closing appropriately and cause scarring.
  • Protect the wound from prolonged sunlight exposure. Do not use tanning lamps while the film is in place.
  • Check the wound appearance. Some swelling, redness and pain are common with all wounds and normally will go away as the wound heals. Contact your doctor immediately if swelling, redness or pain increases; if the wound feels warm to the touch; or if the wound edges reopen or separate.
  • Skin affix will naturally shed itself between 5 and 10 days after the procedure. By this time, your wound should be sufficiently healed. Follow the advice of your physician.