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Welch-Allyn # 1955 - CUFF, CHILD, 2 TUBE, 1FRMALE / LUER, BLN / BLDER, EACH
Part Number Welch-Allyn 1955
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Product Description


Welch Allyn Trimline Blood Pressure Cuff; Size-09 Child, Reusable, 2- Tubes (10.0 in/25.4 cm), (One Bare Tube), Female Luer-Slip (#1391) Connectors; Cuff Range 13-21 CM

Two-Piece Reusable One-Tube Cuff with Female Slip Luer Connector (1/EACH)

Trimline Two Piece Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs are an economical, two-piece cuff and bladder system. Using traditional tube-and-connector configurations, facilities that standardize on Trimline will have minimal impact on nursing workflow with this reliable cuff solution.


  • Lightweight, Navy Blue Nylon Cuff Fabric is clearly marked Latex-Free
  • Exterior Range guide and BALANCED Bladder to help ensure accurate readings
  • Traditional multi-use reusable cuff that can be cleaned between uses
  • Full range of sizes available, meets all applicable AAMI standards

A Traditional Style Blood Pressure Cuff with Enhanced Design to Facilitate Accurate Readings

  • Color coding helps clinicians quickly identify the proper size cuff
  • Completely latex-free with antimicrobial agents applied to help prevent bacterial growth and mildew on the cuff fabric
  • Connects to all manual and NIBP monitors
  • Exterior Pre-Gaged range guide and BALANCED bladder design help to ensure accurate readings by faciliating proper arterial compression.
  • Trimline Reusable blood pressure cuffs are made out of Nylon.

How Can Trimline Help You?

Device Characteristics

What MRI safety information does the labeling contain?Labeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Device required to be labeled as containing natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber (21 CFR 801.437):No
Device labeled as "Not made with natural rubber latex":No
For Single-Use:No
Prescription Use (Rx):Yes
Over the Counter (OTC):No
Combination Product:No
Human Cell, Tissue or Cellular or Tissue-Based Product (HCT/P):No

Cleaning and low-level disinfection for Two-Piece Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

  • WARNING: Cleaning and disinfection procedures must be conducted by persons trained in medical device cleaning and disinfection.
  • WARNING: Consult the cleaning and germicidal cleaner agents manufacturers instructions for their proper use and germicidal efficacy.
  • CAUTION: Washing Plug or FlexiPort Cap must be installed into cuff tubing prior to cleaning or damage to cuff bladder may occur.
  • CAUTION: Use only the cleaning or germicidal cleaner agent types listed or damage to cuff may occur.
  • CAUTION: Repeated reprocessing may cause degradation of device; follow inspection procedures to assure integrity of device.
  • CAUTION: Do not aggressively scrub cuff as damage to cuff markings and/or cuff closure integrity may occur.


  • Neutral pH enzymatic-based cleaning detergent.
  • Bleach-based germicidal cleaner suitable for use on healthcare equipment and capable of low-level disinfection. For example: A cleaner including 1:10 dilution of bleach (6500 ppm sodium hypochlorite) and detergent. Reference EPA-registered disinfectants: https://www.epa.gov/oppad001/ chemregindex.htm
  • Clean or sterile cloths, soft brush, soaking tray, and potable rinse water (softened preferred)

Preparation for cleaning

  • Insert Washing Plug REF 5082-163 into cuff bladder tubing.
  • Remove bladder from cuff sleeve

Cleaning only (cuff and bladder)

  • Prepare neutral pH enzymatic cleaning detergent solution per manufacturer instructions.
  • Immerse or soak cuff and bladder in solution.
  • Soft brush all surfaces of the cuff and bladder to remove visible soil. Repeat as necessary

Clean and disinfect (cuff and bladder)

  • Clean: Thoroughly saturate (spray or immerse) all surfaces of the cuff and bladder with germicidal cleaner.
    • Soft brush to remove visible soil.
    • Water rinse.
    • Damp dry and inspect.
  • Disinfect: Thoroughly re-saturate (spray or immerse) all surfaces of the cuff and bladder with germicidal cleaner.
  • Soft brush all surfaces. Allow a 5 minute wet contact time or longer, if directed by the germicidal cleaner manufacturer. Do not exceed 10 minutes of wet contact time.

After cleaning or cleaning and disinfection

  • Thoroughly water rinse.
  • Damp dry with a clean cloth.
  • Remove Washing Plug and allow to air dry.
  • Reinstall bladder into cuff sleeve.
  • Inspect cuff for deterioration, adequate closure integrity, and inflate to assess for leaks. Do not use if any abnormalities are found.
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