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Splint Cast Ocl Plaster Green 5X30" 50/BX, 6 BX/CS

BSN Medical # 43530X - Splint Cast Ocl Plaster Green 5X30
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Product Description

BSN Medical 43530X - Splint Cast Ocl Plaster Green 5X30" 50/BX, 6 BX/CS

OCL Plaster Splints - Extra Fast - Set Time 2-4 mins, Green Label, 43530X, 5 in x 30 in, 50 units / box; 12 boxes / case

OCL plaster products feature a highly creamy texture for ease of molding. The quick wet out and consistent set time are great for making custom splints in the Emergancy Department or negative molds in the O & P office.

  • Creamy texture
  • Fast and extra fast set time
  • Quick wet out
  • Smooth finish

Features & Benefits

  • Made from woven leno cotton gauze impregnated with plaster of Paris
  • Fast setting plaster of Paris used ensures fractures can be rapidly immobilised
  • No central core
  • Latex free


  • External circumferential immobilisation of fractures
  • Emergency trauma splinting
  • Total contact casting, diabetic feet


  • Caution: exotherm reaction of the plaster during the setting phase can generate heatavoid direct contact with the skin or damage may occur
  • Do not use where there is a risk of swelling

Call Points

  • Emergency department
  • Fracture clinic
  • Orthotic technician
  • Prosthetic technic

Plaster of Paris

  • Made from gypsum - calcium sulfate dihydrate
  • Exothermic reaction when wet - recrystallizes (can burn patient)
  • Warm water - faster set, but increases risk of burns
  • Fast drying - 5 - 8 minutes to set
  • Extra fast-drying - 2 - 4 minutes to set - less time to mold
  • Can take up to 1 day to cure (reach maximum strength)
  • Upper extremities - use 8-10 layers
  • Lower extremities - 12-15 layers, up to 20 if big person (increased risk of burn!)

Product Specifications

  • Setting time: Use clean water (2225℃). Cold water retards setting time. Hot water will hasten initial set
  • Use: Immerse bandage in water at 45℃ slant for 35 seconds only
  • Approximate initial setting time 24 minutes
  • Approximate final set time 48 hours
Product Number#43530X
ManufacturerBSN Medical
ApplicationPlaster Bandage
Dimensions5 in x 30 in
Set TimeExtra Fast, 2 to 4 Minute Set Time
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