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Ethicon EL5ML - LIGAMAX 5MM Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier Medium/Large, 15 Clips 3/Bx

Ethicon # EL5ML - LIGAMAX 5MM Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier Medium/Large, 15 Clips 3/Bx
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Product Description

Ethicon EL5ML - LIGAMAX 5MM Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier Medium/Large, 15 Clips 3/Bx

LIGAMAX5 Endoscopic Clip Applier provides greater in-jaw clip retention and on-structure clip security in the axial direction compared to all other leading 5mm clip appliers to help mitigate clip dislodgement.* Ethicon designed the LIGAMAX5 Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier with a unique combination of features in the clip and applier to provide in-jaw security and on-structure clip security in even the most demanding of cases.

Clips and jaws are designed to firmly maintain the clip in the jaw of the device during surgical maneuvering to help prevent clip dislodgement. This reduces the potential for malformed or dropped clips.

LIGAMAX5 provides superior, best-in-class clip security through these features:

    • Tissue Stop minimizes contact of the vessel to the clip to reduce chance of clip dislodgement from jaws.
    • Clip Advancer Tab facilitates clip feeding and provides stability during firing cycle.
    • Anti-backup Ratchet Mechanism prevents interruptions in the firing sequence from affecting in-jaw stability.
    • Direct-drive Feed Mechanism allows for smooth, controlled clip advancement and placement.

The LIGAMAX5 5mm Endoscopic Clip Applier is a sterile, single-patient-use instrument designed to provide ligation of tubular structures or vessels. Use it through an appropriately-sized trocar wherever a metal ligating clip is indicated.

Features include:

    • Medium/large clip applied through 5mm incision, 8.8mm closed clip length and on-vessel clip security for confident ligation. Instrument has patented lateral and transverse grooves and contains 15 titanium clips.
    • Long, thin, angled jaws provide excellent visibility beyond structures and outstanding access. The jaws passively collapse for smooth insertion through a 5mm trocar, and then spring back to open wide.
    • Distal-tip closing enables control and precise placement and can also partially form a clip to secure a cholangiogram catheter.
    • 360 rotation knob/shaft Ergonomic design for easy rotation and one-handed jaw orientation
    • Trocar Insertion Line Indicates proper insertion depth of jaws beyond trocar opening for optimal performance
    • Low clip indicator Orange indicator shows when 2, 1, and no clips remain
    • Ergonomic Trigger allows for smooth, controlled firing and audible, tactile ratcheting for control and feedback.
    • Anti-backup provides control over closure and designed to help prevent clips from dropping.
    • Overload mechanism added protection for jaws.
    • Last-clip lockout prevents jaws from closing when out of clips, through tactile feedback when closing trigger.


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