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Intrauterine Catheters

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of intrauterine catheters and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

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What Is an Intrauterine Catheter?

Intrauterine catheters are catheters that are specifically designed to be able to enter the uterus. They are typically used during the labor process in order to measure and monitor uterine contractions. 

During labor, a woman's uterus will contract in order to guide the fetus towards the birth canal; an intrauterine catheter is used to measure the pressure of each contraction, giving doctors valuable data to determine how labor is progressing and if or when they need to intervene to assist with delivery of the fetus.

Intrauterine catheters have a pressure transducer at the tip. This is used to measure the strength of contractions. The tip is also very narrow to allow it to enter the cervical opening with minimal risk of damage or injury.

These kinds of catheters are not always used during labor, but can be useful in certain situations, especially during long or difficult labor.

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How Does an Intrauterine Catheter Work?

An intrauterine catheter will need to be inserted through the cervical opening and pushed through to the uterus. Once it enters the amniotic space, it can be used to measure contractions. The catheter will typically be connected to a machine which can display readings from the catheter's transducer with clear graphic visuals. This can then be used to measure Montevideo units (MVUs) to determine the intensity of each contraction.

Intrauterine Catheter Sizes 

Intrauterine catheters usually have very narrow diameters, ranging from between 1 and 2mm wide, due to the fact that they have to enter a very narrow space without damaging the surroundings. They can have slightly different lengths, depending on the patient.

Intrauterine Catheter Types

The main type of intrauterine catheter is called an intrauterine pressure catheter. This is the catheter that is used for measuring the strength and pressure of contractions. There are other catheters that can be classed as "intrauterine", due to the fact that they are inserted into the uterus, such as insemination catheters, which are used for assisted insemination in couples who may be struggling to conceive naturally.

Intrauterine Catheter Uses

The main use of an intrauterine catheter is to detect the strength and intensity of contractions. This can be very important information for physicians, as it shows whether or not the labor process is proceeding correctly. Contractions need to be relatively strong in order to push the baby along; if they are too weak, the fetus may not move as needed and intervention may be required to help with delivery of the child.

Intrauterine Catheter Suppliers

Utah Medical, Cardinal Health, Covidien, C. R. Bard, and Mindray are some of the leading providers of intrauterine catheters.

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