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Ventricular Catheters

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of ventricular catheters and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

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What Is a Ventricular Catheter?

A ventricular catheter is a very specific type of catheter which is used for draining cerebrospinal fluid, otherwise known as CSF, out of the ventricles around the brain. These pieces of medical equipment may also be referred to as shunt tubes.

CSF is a clear liquid that surrounds the brain at all times and the spinal column, too. It's completely natural, but excess amounts of this fluid can build-up over time, or the fluid may get infected or contaminated during surgery or because of an injury to the head.

If this happens, a ventricular catheter can be a vital tool to drain out the excess or infected fluid from the ventricles or spaces around the brain. This will help to relieve pressure on the brain.

Like other catheters, ventricular catheters consist of a long, hollow tube, usually made from silicone or flexible plastic. One end is inserted into the head, while the remaining remains out of the body and attached to a collection bag or container.

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How Does a Ventricular Catheter Work?

The insertion of a ventricular catheter is a delicate procedure which needs to be carried out with great care. It's also a minimally invasive procedure, designed to be as safe as possible. To begin, an insertion site will need to be located. Usually, this site will be just behind the patient's hairline. A small hole will be created in this area and the catheter will pass through the hole towards the brain and into the frontal horn of the lateral ventricles. At that point, it can be used to start draining out fluid into a collection system or bag.

Ventricular Catheter Sizes 

Ventricular catheters can vary slightly in size. They're measured with the French gauge system, which is a standard system of measurement used for all kinds of catheters. Average sizes for these catheters range from 12 to 16 Fr, with 14 Fr being the most common size.

Ventricular Catheter Types

When it comes to ventricular catheters, there's only one main type to speak of. These catheters have a very specific use and function, and they need to be manufactured in a very precise way in order to carry out that function. It is therefore not possible to find different types or categories of ventricular catheters, although different brands may produce them.

Ventricular Catheter Uses

The main use of a ventricular catheter is to drain cerebrospinal fluid out of the lateral ventricles of the brain or the lumbar space of the spine and gather those fluids in an external collection bag or other receptacle. There are various situations in which this may be needed, such as when patients are suffering from high levels of intracranial pressure or have some kind of CSF infection. They can also be used to drain out blood or bloody CSF after a surgery of some kind.

Ventricular Catheter Suppliers

Covidien and Integra Lifesciences are just two of the top suppliers of ventricular catheters.

Ventricular Catheters at CIA Medical

If you’re looking to buy wholesale medical supplies, like good quality ventricular catheters, it’s important to buy from a provider you can rely on. CIA Medical is one of the most trusted brands in the business, with over 25,000 customers already served and satisfied. We offer a huge range of products from the best brands at the fairest and most competitive prices.