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Foley Catheter Kits

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of foley catheter kits and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

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What Is a Foley Catheter Kit?

Foley catheters are among the most commonly used catheters in the world. They are also known as urinary catheters and are used in a variety of situations to allow patients to pass urine directly from their bladders into a collection bag or another receptacle. Foley catheter kits provide all of the components and accessories needed to set up these catheters.

Foley catheters are long, hollow, flexible tubes made of safe, medical-grade plastics. At one end, they have a narrow point which aids with insertion into the body. At the other end, the tube separates into two lumens or channels. 

One lumen connects to a catheter bag to collect urine, while the other has a valve on it and connects to a balloon further down the catheter. The balloon can be inflated in order to keep the catheter in position for long-term use.

Folely catheters are available in a range of sizes and are named after the man who invented them, Frederic Foley.

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How Does a Foley Catheter Kit Work?

A Foley catheter works in a very simple way. The narrow end of the catheter tube is inserted into the urethra of the patient, with lubrication of some kind to assist with insertion. It is then pushed into the body a few inches until it connects with the bladder, allowing urine to drain out into a collection bag at the other end of the tube. A balloon section may also be inflated once the catheter is in position in order to keep it from falling out. The Foley catheter kit comes with all you need to set up and use this kind of catheter, including accessories like lubricant and gloves.

Foley Catheterization Kit Sizes 

Foley catheter kits can come in a wide range of different sizes to suit different situations. The kits may have different amounts of accessories and components, with some more comprehensive than others. The size of the individual items can also vary. Some may contain large and wide catheters with sizes ranging from 14 Fr to 20 Fr and higher, while others may contain shorter and narrower catheters of 4 to 8 Fr in diameter.

Foley Catheterization Kit Types

Foley catheter kits can be used to make different types of catheters. The most common variety is the classic straight tip Foley catheter. There are also coudé Foley catheter kits which include bent or curved ends, which can be used in patients who have blockages, enlarged prostates, or other problems. Council tip Foley catheters and triple lumen Foley catheter kits can also be purchased.

Foley Catheterization Kit Uses

The main use of a Foley catheter kit is to give doctors and nurses all they need to set up and insert a Foley catheter into a patient. These components and accessories can be used in a wide range of situations. They are often used with patients who are suffering from urinary problems like incontinence or retention. They can also be useful for patients who may be undergoing surgery or restricted to a bed or wheelchair, so may find it difficult to urinate in the conventional way.

Foley Catheter Kit Suppliers

Medline, Sterigear, C. R. Bard, and Deroyal are some of the leading suppliers of Foley catheter kits.

Buy Foley Catheter Kits at CIA Medical

If you’re looking for high quality Foley catheter kits with all the essentials and accessories you need to set up a safe Foley catheter, CIA Medical can meet your needs. We offer a wide range of products at fair, competitive prices, and we’ve got a long history of providing wholesale medical supplies to customers across the globe.