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What Are Ostomy Scissors?

Ostomy scissors, as the name implies, are scissors that are used to cut ostomy bags or pouches in order to get them to fit correctly. They feature curved ends to make the process of cutting bags and flanges much easier, with minimal risk of errors or sharp edges. 

After a colostomy, a patient will need to make use of a range of new items and accessories, including ostomy scissors, pouches, and barrier rings in order to facilitate the flow of waste products out of their body, via their stoma. The scissors are a simple but crucial component in this process.

They're a lot like normal scissors, consisting of two connected blades and handles that can be snapped together to slice through the bag or other materials. The curved shape is what makes them unique, and it's important for every ostomy patient to have their own set of ostomy scissors to hand when preparing new pouches.

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How Do Ostomy Scissors Work?

Ostomy scissors are used when preparing a new ostomy bag to attach around your stoma. Usually, you'll need to use a measuring guide or template to measure around the stoma and find the right size. You can then use this guide or template to mark the right size on the flange with a pen or pencil, and then use the curved ostomy scissors to cut out the correct size from the flange. Once that is done, the bag will be ready to apply and use.

Ostomy Scissors Sizes 

Ostomy scissors can vary slightly in size to suit people with different sizes of hands. They tend to be quite small, due to the fact that they need to cut relatively small flanges and bags, but may have large handles and holes for the user to place their fingers through. It’s important to find a set of ostomy scissors that are an appropriate size for the patient’s hands and can be used comfortably.

Ostomy Scissors Types

When it comes to ostomy scissors, they may be made by different brands and can vary in size, but there's only one main design and type. They should always have curved edges to facilitate the cutting process and sharp blades in order to slice cleanly and neatly through pouches and flanges.

Ostomy Scissors Uses

The main use of ostomy scissors is to cut through flanges on ostomy pouches. This is an important part of the process of setting up an ostomy bag, ready for collection of waste materials from the body.

Ostomy Scissors Suppliers

Coloplast, Torbot Group, Integra Lifesciences, and Genairex are among the leading suppliers of ostomy scissors.

Buy Ostomy Scissors at CIA Medical

CIA Medical is a name you can count on for top quality medical supplies and accessories, including ostomy scissors. We’ve been in the business of wholesale medical equipment for many years, serving more than 25,000 customers during that time, including labs, pharmacies, and hospitals. You can rely on us to provide the premium products and competitive prices you’re looking for.