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What Is a Specimen Collection Tube?

Specimen collection tubes, as the name implies, are tubes that are used for storing and transporting specimens collected from a patient. Once a specimen has been collected on a swab, it is usually placed directly into the tube, which is then sealed and transported to a lab for testing.

These tubes need to be strong and secure, in order to contain the specimen inside as it is transported from place to place. They usually have screw caps on top for easy sealing and unsealing, and once the cap is sealed, the risk of contamination into the tube is reduced to minimal levels.

Specimen collection tubes can be used for different sorts of specimens, like blood, urine, fecal samples, serum samples, cerebrospinal fluid samples, and others. They are often color-coded, allowing doctors and lab workers to easily identify the sample inside and the type of testing required.

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How Does a Specimen Collection Tube Work?

Specimen collection tubes are a key part of the specimen collection process. Once a specimen has been taken, it is placed into the tube. There are different ways in which specimens may be collected, such as through swabbing or with the use of needles and syringes. The specimen is placed into the tube, which is then immediately sealed to preserve the specimen ahead of testing and reduce the risk of any contamination or bacterial growth.

Specimen Collection Tube Sizes 

Specimen collection tubes may vary in size. The size used will depend on what sort of specimen is being collected and what quantity of the specimen is required. For instance, if a large blood sample is needed, a bigger collection tube will have to be used.

Specimen Collection Tube Types

There are various different kinds of specimen collection tubes used for collecting different sorts of samples, like blood samples, cerebrospinal fluid samples, fecal samples, and urine samples. They may vary slightly in size and design, but the main area in which they differ is usually the color of the cap or closure. Different colored caps and closures are used to represent different sample types and laboratory uses. For example, a specimen collection tube with a lavender cap will usually be used for lead testing, while one with a gray cap will be used for blood bank studies, paternity testing, and similar tests.

Specimen Collection Tube Uses

The main purpose of any specimen collection tube is simply to keep the specimen safe and secure so that it can be transported from one place to another. These tubes help to preserve samples while they are taken from hospitals or patients’ homes to laboratories for testing purposes.

Specimen Collection Tube Suppliers

Hemosure is one of the leading suppliers of specimen collection tubes.

Why Choose CIA Medical for Your Specimen Collection Tubes?

CIA Medical is one of the top names to choose when it comes to specimen collection tubes and other essential pieces of medical equipment. From catheters to ostomy bags, we offer a wide range of wholesale medical goods and accessories from quality providers, with the most competitive prices and best service for every customer.