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What Is a Pediatric Urine Collector?

A pediatric urine collector, as the name implies, is a special container that is designed for the collection of urine samples in infants and very young children. It is made to make the process of collecting samples as easy and convenient as possible, with minimal risk of messes or contamination.

Pediatric urine collectors can be used for both male and female infants, although the manner of collection is slightly different depending on the gender. They are usually large enough to fit around the baby's genital area in order for convenient and complete collection of urine, with plenty of space inside to gather the urine sample.

Pediatric urine collectors can be useful if a baby is suspected of having a urinary tract infection of some kind or some other urinary problem. They can also be used to simply check the contents of the baby's urine to look for signs of other health issues.

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How Does a Pediatric Urine Collector Work?

The way in which pediatric urine collectors work is relatively simple, but varies depending on the gender of the baby in question. First, the infant will need to be placed on their back. The genital region will then need to be cleaned with a mild soap solution. Then, the container can be prepared. First, the backing from the adhesive patch will need to be peeled off. For females, the skin folds will need to be stretched to expose the vagina, and the container can then be placed around it. For males, the penis is placed into the bag before the adhesive is stuck to the skin. A diaper can then be put onto the baby while awaiting urination. The baby will need to be checked often and the container can be removed once a urine sample has been provided.

Pediatric Urine Collector Sizes 

It's possible to find different sizes of pediatric urine collectors, and they mostly vary in terms of internal capacity. There are some very small bags that can store just 50ml of urine, as well as larger bags that can store 100 or 200ml samples. Larger bags may be needed if a greater quantity of urine is required for testing.

Pediatric Urine Collector Types

Pediatric urine collectors can vary in terms of size, but they all follow the same basic design, with adhesive strips for sticking onto the skin and an inner bag-like container space for storing the urine sample.

Pediatric Urine Collector Uses

The main use of a pediatric urine collector is to take urine samples from infants. This can be necessary if the infant is suspected to have an illness or health problem of some kind which can be tested for in urine, or if a sample is required for some other purpose.

Pediatric Urine Collector Suppliers

Amsino International, Covidien, PDC Healthcare, and Medline are among the leading suppliers of pediatric urine collectors.

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